The path to ecological harmony and food justice starts with us.

You can get involved with our work in various ways, from supporting us financially to keeping up with the news on ALPA, participating in events that we organise or connect with ALPA as a farmer or volunteer.

Be Our Friend

Every little help makes a difference. You could help us a lot by sharing our website and online posts through your social networks or by adding a link on your website. You could help us by participating to our events, spreading the word and facilitating the expending of our network. You could help us with professional assistance and advice or by getting involved with the productions. There are so many ways and you might have your own ideas.
If you would like to get in touch and express your interest, please do not hesitate to write an email or contact as in person when attending our events. We are always happy to talk.


We are always happy and grateful to get in touch with people from all walks of life that love theatre and are keen to get involved with adventurous performances and stimulating projects.  There will be many opportunities for you to engage with different aspects of our work and we will make sure you benefit from a rewording experience. We don’t have a specific opportunity at this point, but if you would like to express your interest for future occasions, please let us know by emailing with ‘volunteer’ subject line.  Thank you!


If you would like to donate via bank transfer, here is our banking information:

Official name of organization: Asociația ALPA – Acces la Pământ pentru Agroecologie
RON currency IBAN account: RO98BTRLRONCRT0660709901
currency IBAN account: RO48BTRLEURCRT0660709901
Bank name: Banca Transilvania
Bank agency name: Huedin
Bank address: Str. Horea, Nr. 2, HUEDIN, Cluj county, Romania

If you live or have connections with our bioregion and would like to donate land into ALPA please fill out this survey