From private ownership to common stewardship.

The future of land in our bioregion and beyond is a common concern and also a vision to steward it collectively. Today farmland represents an ever scarce commodity, production interface, exploited and grabbed finite resource that is constantly degraded, abandoned, industrialised, occupied, spatially planned by society while it is also holding a social and cultural link, territorial and political attachment and is sustaining livelihoods for nature and society, the natural bedrock of our livelihood and most businesses in our region.

Land is the central part of the agri-cultural landscape and the way land was collectively stewarded and cared for in history shaped the present landscape in our bioregion.

ALPA secures and offers equitable access to land to those who have a strong desire to enter the fascinating profession of agroecological farming or conserving nature. Presently ALPA holds 10 hectares of farmland in its trust.


  • Safeguards the land outside the commodity market and puts it in the reach of future farmers and people in rural communities

  • Stewards land in an agroecological manner, through small, human scale farming and nature regeneration.

  • Gives people the opportunity to live in the countryside and re-vitalise the rural landscape.

  • Starts or continues the production of locally accessible healthy and nutritious food for all.


  • We map our bioregion with a focus on land ownership and distribution, environmental importance and socio-cultural dynamics.

  • We acquire or secure land by other forms of long tenure and hold the land in a trust.

  • We create a long term management plan of the farmland we hold based on strong agroecological principles and with respect to the bioregional cultural landscape.

  • We offer farmlands based on long-term leases to aspiring agroecological farmers that are willing to settle or are already located in our bioregion and co-create a market-oriented business plan with them focused on regenerative practices and fair trade approach.

Do you own land in the bioregion and are not using it?

Would you like to become a farmer in our bioregion?


ALPA’s mission revolves around securing and stewarding land in our bioregion for its primordial purpose: sustaining life. Recognising the complex dynamics and potential conflicts in land use, ALPA identifies and addresses critical issues:

ALPA promotes agroecology as a solution to combat soil nutrient depletion, biodiversity loss, and the harmful impact of agro-chemicals.

To counter the threats posed by agroindustrial, extractive or urbanisation practices, ALPA advocates for land conservation strategies and putting importance and proof behind the richness of our biodiversity.

ALPA addresses the challenges of an ageing rural community and the lack of intra-family farm succession through the establishment of a bioregional Land Trust and social mapping initiatives, mobilising and supporting future agroecological farmers to access land.

ALPA aims to enhance transparency and traceability through digitalized public land registries, collaborative spatial planning, and strategic land preservation to counterbalance large-scale industrial projects.

ALPA combats land speculation and marginalization of cultural aspects by establishing a bioregional Land Trust driven by social, cultural and environmentally rooted principles, elevating land out from the land market, putting it into the reach of human-scale agroecological farming, engaging in community building, and promoting alternative tourism projects.

ALPA’s objectives are rooted in responsible stewardship, aiming to reverse destructive cycles in soil and land management. Our organization seeks to develop replicable blueprints for agroecological, regenerative approaches that can be applied beyond our bioregion, contributing to broader bioregional regeneration and sustainable land management globally. Through these initiatives, ALPA strives to create a harmonious balance between the utilitarian and cultural dimensions of land, fostering a resilient and vibrant bioregional community.